April 3, 2020

Alyssa Blair

School: Community College of Allegheny County - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Major: Nursing
Local: 14842 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Activities: “It’s important for others to support the Union Printers Home Foundation because it is a great organization that helps kids get through school and not worry about money.” 

"The scholarship will motivate me to keep pushing through school." - Alyssa Blair

Kevin McQuade

School: The State University of New York (SUNY) at Oneonta - Oneonta, New York
Major: Accounting
Local: 14170 - New York, New York 
Activities: Trevor is the treasurer of his fraternity, Chi Phi. He enjoys playing intramural basketball and volleyball at his school. 

"The Accounting program at SUNY Oneonta is 5 years. Receiving scholarship money enables me to purchase books, calculators and other items necessary to keep up with in this intense program. I feel relief both financially and mentally." - Kevin McQuade