To be eligible for a scholarship through the UPH Foundation, an applicant must fall into one of the categories below and have a letter of acceptance from an accredited two or four year college or university or a technical school or, letter of acceptance from an accredited graduate school. Current undergraduate and graduate applicants must submit a letter of good academic standing with their application. This is not a contract between the UPH Foundation ("Foundation") and any individual, business, recipient and/or applicant, and the UPH Board of Directors retain the sole discretion to change any and all terms and conditions of the Foundation at any time. By applying for a scholarship, you agree and understand that the Foundation reserves any and all rights including but not limited to: determining the amount of scholarships, eligibility criteria, any and all rules and regulations regarding all scholarships now or in the future, interpretations on all matters, and to discontinue in whole or part the scholarships available now or in the future. 

ATTENTION: The person filling out the application must be the same person applying for the scholarship, and be logged in under their own profile. For example, a grand-daughter of a member must create her own profile, be logged in under her profile, and then proceed to fill out the application. An application filled out under any other profile then their own will not be accepted.

Category 1 – An applicant must be a member of the current/former Printing, Publishing and Media Workers Sector of CWA (“PPMWS”) in good standing with at least one year of membership at the time the scholarship request is made.

Category 2 – A retired member of the current/former PPMWS and is a full dues paying member of the current/former PPMWS in good standing.

Category 3 – A qualifying relative of such PPMWS member (category 1) or retiree (category 2), so long as the member has been a PPMWS member for at least one year at the time the scholarship request is made, or the retiree was a PPMWS member for at least one year at the time he/she retired and the retiree is still in good standing, as defined in Category 2, above.

Definition of Relative – For all purposes, a qualifying relative includes the spouse, child, step- child, grandchild, step-grandchild and great-grandchild of a PPMWS member as defined in Category 1 and 2 above.

Note: All UPH Foundation Directors and employees, employees of the current/former PPMWS and CWA and/or their relatives, are not eligible for scholarships even if he/she meets the definitions above, if such person(s) is/was a Director and/or employee in the same calendar year that the applicant requests a scholarship.  Wherever "PPMWS" is on this website, it is to mean the current/former PPMWS, or as otherwise determined by the UPHF.